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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Rape - A Stigma to Indian Society

Rape is a word that enrages our souls perhaps the worst form of violence happening around the world. We are humans but maybe we have lost our humanity and we are not worthy of being called humans because we are behaving worse than animals.
Rape and sexual violence against women have been its verge in India in recent years. According to latest government crime figures police registered 17000 cases of rape in 2017 and in 2018 it is 33000 while in 2019 till June there are 24212 rape cases registered in the police station but there are thousands of such cases which have no records or the victims are suppressed by culprits to be silent on sexual harassment.

The Nirbhya, Kathua, Unnao, Ranchi, and Hyderabad rape cases draw attention to the fact that India remains largely unsafe for women. This is disheartening that only 1 in 4 rape cases ending up in convection and it's a painful slow road for justice in India for a rape victim.
Although there is a strict order of the supreme court to setup a special  trial court where only sexual harassment cases related to women are trialed. I think setting up special trial court is not enough as what about the moral degradation of our society?

Now question arises why women are not safe in India?
The simple answer is due to our mentality, political system & our justice system.
My greatest frustration is with the mentality of conversation in Indian media and in political arenas about rape is that they are continuously telling what should women do ; they never told a rapist or potential rapist what he should do. It is like that " you tell the person who was robbed that, it was actually your fault why you have cash in your pocket. Or it seems like that you ask a family whose member gets murdered that why don't you kept him inside the home instead of asking from murderer." These are useless and low-level conversations running in Indian media and in the mind of politicians.
In 17th Lok Sabha out of the 539 winners 233 MLA's facing criminal charges related to harassment, murder, robbery, etc. Now when such a politician leads us how we think that they reframe strict laws against crimes like rape when they are also indulging in such criminal cases.
Now I think a so-called land of God India becoming hell for women, oh! sorry, not women but for a newborn baby child, schoolgirl and for every woman until she is alive as there is 7×24 hours fear in her mind being raped in India.
In my opinion, the solution for this is to completely separate the justice system from the political system and besides the strict laws we should have to raise properly our son, brother, husband & father against such crimes & to tell them to accept a "No" from others with full regard.
In the end, I want to say that " Laws don't detour crimes they only give punishment, its the self and well-educated consciousness in a society which prevents people to become a potential criminal."

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