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Friday, May 10, 2019

20 Lakh EVMs are Missing In India - 2019

The EVMs are again under scanner during the 17th Lok Sabha polls. In this elections already the dignity of democracy in India is on stake due to biased nature of election commission, but now again this election seems to be full of mysteries as there are many questions are raised regarding events on 6 May, 2019 during 5th phase of Lok Sabha polls a video shared by journalist Anurag Dhanda in which a van full of EVMs was seen moving around roads of Lucknow even before the polling process had come to an end. This brings a question regarding the safety and movement of EVMs .

Days later old RTI replies obtained by Mumbai based activist Manoranjan Roy has become a burning topic in media discussion on missing of 20 Lakh EVMs.
As reported by Janta Ka Reporter, Roy in April last year had alleged that an RTI reply obtained from the manufacturers of the EVMs and the central government pointed to huge discrepancies.

According to Roy, as reported by The Hindu Group’s Frontline Magazine, the Election Commission told him in an RTI reply that it received 10,05,662 EVMs from BEL (an EVM manufacturer) between 1989-90 and 2014-15.
Election Commission of India also stated that it received 10,14,644 EVMs from ECIL (which is another manufacturer) between 1989-90 and 2016-17.
However, as reported by Janta Ka Reporter in April last year, Bengaluru-based BEL had said that it supplied 19,69,932 EVMs to the Election commission of India between 1989-90 and 2014-15.
The RTI reply by the Hyderabad-based Electronics Corporation of India Ltd had said that it supplied 19,44,593 EVMs to the EC of India.
Thus, Frontline magazine report said that in a span of around 15 years the EC of India has not received 9,64,270 EVMs that BEL states to have delivered and 9,29,949 EVMs that ECIL affirms to have delivered to it.
On the questions of payments too, major discrepancies came out in the figures from 2006-07 to 2016-17.
Against the EC's "actual expenditure" of Rs 5,360,175,485 (spent) on EVMs, the BEL RTI reply said it received from EC a payment of Rs 6,525,644,000 — a difference (excess) of Rs 116.55 crore.
On the mode of transportation, the capacity of trucks & the dimensions of the EVMs, Balloting units and CUs — figures provided by both BEL and ECIL also were way off.

Speaking to Janta Ka Reporter, Roy had asked, “Where are these excess number of EVMs going, what is being done with them.” He had said that ‘something very suspicious is going on between these organizations.’

The reliability of EVMs in this election has been a topic of intense discussion with most malfunctioning machines favoring the BJP. In one specific instance, the BJP candidate had polled 17 votes during a mock poll in Goa even though the votes assigned to him were just nine. The EC of India had later admitted fault and replaced the EVM set at that polling booth.
Earlier, this week, the Supreme Court refused to entertain a review plea by 21 opposition parties to increase the mandatory tallying of 50% VVPAT machines with that of EVMs on the day of the counting.

The Election Commission of India on Thursday dismissed reports that nearly 20 lakh Electronic Voting Machines have gone missing in a 25-year period.
“There is no truth in the contention that RTI-based Public Interest Litigation in the Bombay High Court ‘points out that 20 lakh EVMs that the manufacturers affirm to have delivered are ‘missing’ from the possession of the Election Commission,” said the poll panel’s spokesperson Sheyphali Sharan.
But as we all know the biased role of Election commission of India during these polls raised many questions regarding these reports.
But Iam surprised,
Why the Supreme Court of India is denying to tallying of 50 % VVPAT machine with EVM?
Why Indian Constitutional authorities are running away from fair elections?

In the end I just want to say that there are many attempts to annex the democracy in recent years & political parties are playing with constitutional authorities like a villain while Supreme Court of India is playing a role of a dumb actor and media/ news channels are the misleading actress in whole drama of the biggest festival of Democracy i.e. Lok Sabha Elections -2019 in India. So I request to the people of India please not be loyal to any political party always show loyalty to motherland India which is in the critical state right now ..Please remember the freedom fighters & many other people who fought for Independence & democracy of our Nation which is on stake now..

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