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Sunday, March 3, 2019

War : India & Pakistan

The word War is attention seeker in itself, as when most of you read the title War : India & Pakistan on your laptop or mobile screen, you click it without thinking for a second. The meaning of War changes from person to person, this word has no single meaning, for example for someone it means bravery, strongness & dominance, for others it means destruction, loss of Manpower, bed of dead bodies and sinking of human race. The people who know the latter meaning of War always opposes it while those who know earlier meaning call them  coward or  weak.
 But actually war always leads to destruction and no one is benefited with it.  You can check history of all the past wars. To justify above lines I would like to quote the poem of Raghuvir Sahay; a well known Hindi Poet and story writer (source Wikipedia):


After reading the above poem one may easily imagine the consequences of War. On both side of LoC between two countries the most of soldiers come from middle to poor class families. Before going to war no one ask from the soldiers about their views on war.  It's true that war is part of their duty but war is not the ultimate thing they want to go.

For the sake of nation soldier fight on LoC but for the sake of fame of money the politician and media uses their bravery. In my opinion in India neither politician seems to be uplifter of democracy nor media, although the exceptions are always there. Most of media anchors and politicians are debating for war with Pakistan but no one asking the views of soldiers who are going to fight that war. Only a piece of paper ordering them for a fight is enough for them to give their life for nation but is this country take care of  soldiers family after his death?

 Is politician or media are  helpful in connecting soldiers family situated at a rural village with that of main city?

 Is our government taking full responsibility of education and health of braveheart's children not on papers but at ground level?
At present answer is no. So why media or politician taking the decision about the war on sitting in an air conditioned room, why they are provoking common people for war.
 In the end I just want to say it's our responsibility to decide which is better way to deal with corrupted politicians and media.

As it's time to rethink on the soldiers life and his family before thinking about the war which is a last weapon of democracy.

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