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Friday, March 29, 2019

IPC - 307 On Indians

All Indians should be charged with IPC section 307.... This section is used in case of attempt to murder. Now you are thinking you have done nothing wrong then how can you be charged by IPC section. As you go through this article you will agree with me..

In India, the river Ganga is one of the sacred river. It was mentioned in Hindu mythology as the Goddess. The water of river Ganga placed in a closed bottle remains fresh for many years without undergoing degradation. This is only river in the world the water of which has this property, while the water of other rivers gets degraded within a few days while kept in a closed container. Many types of research have been done on the river Ganga for its miraculous property of water to resist degradation on standby for many years. Due to this property, it is called "Devi" (Goddess) Ganga.

The source of river Ganga is considered to be at Gomukh which is 21 kilometre south-east of Gangotri. At Devprayag the streams of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi unite to form river Ganga. In India, the Ganga flows through 5 states these are Uttarakhand, U.P., Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal with total length of about 2525 kilometre.
The river Ganga is considered as "Maa"(mother) or 'Devi'(Goddess); who wash away all the sins and purify body and soul.
The Ganga is considered as the Tirtha, 'which means crossing point between heaven and earth'.
Despite, so significant to Indian peoples, the river Ganga is on the verge of drying and dying. The largest river in India the Ganga is severely polluted by human and tons of industrial as well as domestic sewage is directly poured to this river everyday. Today the Ganga is considered to be the sixth most polluted river in the world and that day is not so far when our efforts to polluting it 😆 leads the river on 1st place i.e. most polluted river in the world.

Many efforts had been done in the past to clean up the river Ganga as listed below:
  1. Ganga Mahasabha: In 1905 Madan Mohan Malviya founded Ganga Mahasabha to fight for uninterrupted flow of the Ganga with Britishers.
  2. Ganga Action Plan: this was launched by the Mr Rajiv Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India in 1986.
  3. National River Ganga Basin Authority: NRGBA established by GOI in 2008. It declared the Ganga as the "National River of India".
  4. Ganga Clean-up Campaign- 2010
  5. Namami Gange Programme: 2014
  6. National Mission for Clean Ganga-2016
As the number of efforts has been taken since then but the level of pollution is continuously increasing day by day. All the schemes are launched and only 22-30% of allotted money is used and thereafter a new Scheme is launched by another government. On the hearing of clean Ganga Action Plan in August 2015, the bench of Supreme Court Judges comprising justice TS Thakur and Justice R.Banumathi remarked that the centre government Action Plan does not help to clean Ganga even after 200 years.
This means as the government changes the new plans are only taglines but actual groundwork is never done by any government.
I want to bring your attention towards the world's cleanest river which was once declared as biologically dead but the government took steps and revive the river....
The London's river Thames was declared as biologically dead due to high level of contamination and pollution. The situation is so worst that during 1800's ,the river is called " Great Stink".

But in 1857 the Houses of Parliament took a stand & after long studies, they came up with an action plan in 1865. With the help of treatment plants, stringent laws and continuous efforts not only the river Thames revive but also earned cleanest river landmark in the world.
   Another one is the Tara River .This River is also called the Jewel of Europe or the Tear of Europe. This is a protected river and falls under the World’s Natural Heritage and the World’s Biosphere Reserve as per UNESCO.

 In 2004, there were plans to build a dam in an area called Buk Bijela located at Drina and flood Tara. The Government had to call off the plans as millions of citizens protested publicly and signed various petitions. Renowned scientists from various parts of the world formed a team and conduct a scientific study about how the plans would impact the environment of the River. The team of comprised of 52 scientists who concluded that it would be an ecological disaster if the Government of Montenegro went ahead with the plans to flood Tara River and build the dam.

There are also many other examples where the government & people took the stand to revive the dead rivers. But questions are....
Are our national political parties have time to come out from Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Jatt debates?
Is our government ready to take the stand on saving the biodiversity of India?
Are Indian people who called the river Ganga as Goddess or Mother are ready to ask government over this issue?
Do the people of India become selfish & happy to see their mother Ganga dying in a slow death?

 I think this is the time to learn from those countries who take initiative to revive their dead rivers.

In the end, I want to say we have to come with an effective and a solid action plan to clean the Ganga river otherwise we all are responsible for killing our mother the Ganga by adding pollutant to her streams & due to this sinful act all Indians are liable to be charged by IPC section 307 in attempt to murder their Mother Goddess the Ganga.

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