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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Pulwama Terror Attack

On 14 February, 2019 a convoy  of vehicles carrying security personnel of CRPF  on the Jammu- Srinagar National  Highway was  attacked  by a  vehicle  bound suicide bomber in Lethpora,  Pulwama district of  Jammu & Kashmir, India.

At  least 46 CRPF personnel were  killed  and  many others were  injured in one  of  the  deadliest  terror attack  when a  Jaish suicide bomber rammed  a vehicle  carring over  60-100 kg  RDX(research & development explosive) into  their bus  in  Pulwama.
The  Pakistan  based Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) terror group has  claimed  responsibility for  the attack  & suicide bomber was  identified as Adil Ahmed who joined the JeM in 2018.

This was  the first suicide carbomb attack in   Kashmir since  the  2001 strike  on  Legislative Assembly in which 41 people  including three  suicide   attackers  were  killed.
            In recent  years  India  is  wounded  by  such  cowardly  terror  attacks  like:

1.Pathankot Air Base Attack:
                                                    On 2nd January,2016 their  is terror attack on  Pathankot Air Base of  Indian Air Force in which 7 soldiers  were killed  when 6 terrorist  attack  the Air base. The responsibility of  attack was claimed by  newly formed terror group United  Jihad Council.

2.Uri  Terror Attack: 
                                     On 18 September,2016 near  the  town  of Uri  in Indian territory of J&K  4 terrorist  of  militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM)   attacked  Indian Army Headquarters  near  Uri  in which  19 soliders were killed and 20 to 30 were  injured.

These  are brutal  attacks which Indian security forces faced in recent years. Now  its time  to think beyond the politics and  for  the  sake of our Braveheart soliders that where are our Intelligence Agencies in  whole  scenarios..
Its  true  that Pakistan  is supporting  these terror groups but we  have to  make  our internal  security  impregnable so that no  external  forces  can attack on  our  soil.
For  this we   have to restructure our  Intelligence Agencies & modify  the weapons  of  paramilitary forces upto latest technologies. As it is  well known proverb that,  "Before  attack your  defence  should  be perfect".

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