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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Media :A Threat To Democracy

The four pillars of democracy are Judiciary, Executive, Legislature and Media. This fourth pillar of democracy ensure that all people living in far off areas of country are aware of what is happening in the rest of their country. Media ensures transparency in the working of all the other three pillars of democracy..

If any of these four pillars is not working properly then democracy is not fully functional.
The power of each of these pillars vary from country to country. In India no single pillar is made too strong. In USA  constitution and Judiciary is most powerful where as in UK legislature dominates judiciary..
Among these pillars media is most powerful and influencing pillar of democracy. It makes us aware of various social,  political and economical activities around us. But over the years media display certain defects. I may only mention a few defects regarding media especially in Indian context:

1. Twisting  of News :

                  One of the defect is that media often twist facts. The news channels are trying to make a sensational news by twisting each word and line of fact due to which the credibility and reality of fact is demised and wrong message floats among the viewers.

2. Paid News: 

                 It is worst defect which is spreading like a weed among news channels as well as news editors. In recent times because of money making approach the media adopted a biased approach towards politicians and the corporate leaders. 

Paid news are becoming trend for news channels and newspapers. They broadcast or publish the news that benefits certain class of people, may be politician or businessman. They are deceiving their viewers and weakening the democracy by misrepresentation of the truth.

3. Non-issues as real issues:

                         If you watch news channels these days you can easily find that media is portraying non issues as real issues while real issues are sidelined. Such as that the wife of film actor has become pregnant then there is debate on news channels whether she will give birth to a girl or a boy......... what is his/her name etc......... Are these the real issues facing by our nation? 
   To cover a Lakme India Fashion Week event there were present 500 to 600 accredited journalist but in Indian villages people don't have basic facilities, farmers are killing themselves but media has nothing to do with them and their issues. Sometimes media mention farmers suicides but bulk of coverage goes to showing the life of film stars, pop musics, fashion, cricket and astrology.

3. Tendency to Brand: 

                         This is another defect in news channels if there is a bomb blast within a few hours TV channel started showing news items that said Indian Mujahideen or Jaish-e-Mohammed had sent a text to claiming responsibility of blast. News Channels show this news in such a manner that all Muslims are terrorist - which is totally wrong. The person who sent such messages want to create hatred between Hindu and Muslim and media fulfill the purpose of such anti-national elements in order to increase their TRPs. 
               These are a few defects in media and in recent years I found and feel that whoever control the media control the mind  of nation..

As involvement of media is clearly seen in  the Delhi legislative elections in 2013 and 2015 also in 16th Lok Sabha election held in 2014 in India. It was also said that 2016 United States Presidential elections are also molded by media..
                  So be careful while watching or reading a news as it may be paid or branded to divert your thinking or opinions toward a particular direction. So always be a media literate person and help to fulfill the motive of  true independence & democracy for which countless braveheart's had sacrifice their lives.

"Never be a fan always be an independent & intellectual human".

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