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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Indian Unity and Terrorism

During  any  war  or internal crisis  in the country every  soldier  hug  the death  for  the sake of its love for motherland.  In fulfilling  the  same  rituals  for  country  till  the last  breath  Indian  Central Armed   Police Force & Indian Army  soliders have  only  following  lines in their  heart:
In recent terror attack at Pulwama district of J&K India, 46 soldiers of  CRPF  were  martyred. The whole  nation is  in deep sorrow & people expressing their emotions  by  various means. But  at  the same  time there  are  some anti-national elements which  are  trying to use this critical  situation to  destroy  the internal  harmony  of  country. These  are harassing  a  community of  particular  religion & protesting against the  Kashmiri  peoples.  But  I  want  to state it  clear that  Jammu  & Kashmir is  the  integral  part of  India & its people  are  also  Indian. So I appeal  to all the Indians  be  unite together as terrorism has  neither religion  nor  face. We  should   always  remember  that  "Unite we stand,  divide we fall".
The terrorist groups  want  to breach the  communal  harmony like  English people had  done  before, so why we  are  making  same mistakes.  We  are  indian  rich in  our  culture and  diversity.. that's why  India is well known for  "Unity in diversity"...

So its our  responsibility to be as an Indian, don't  break the unity  & be  united  together so  that  we  all  can  contribute with our  soliders a step against  the terrorism  & to tramp the  motive of terrorist.
There are  many anti-social & anti-national elements which are  forwarding  messages  like, " India mange  Badla"; "Surgical  strike -II" ; "Nuclear War" ; "Pani rok do Indus  ka" etc....
     Yes they are right that  India & Indian people want a hard reply against the terrorism  & toward those  who  support it, but not  on the sake of lives  of our soliders.  Please  understand armed forces  are  not machine to use  them for  the  sake of  emotions. These soldiers  are  also human beings and they  have  their  families behind  them. Its  easy  to  react   with emotions but  hard to  face  the  dead  bodies  of  martyred soldiers  for  their  families which  fully depends  upon  those  who  will now  never  come back.
Now the point  is how to fight  against  this type of gorilla war ..........
                                            Answer is, we have  to learn from "Mossad". It is  the national intelligence agency of Israel.

It is responsible for intelligence collections,  covert operations & counter  terrorism. Its  activities are  subject  to secret procedures  & never been published.
                                            One of them was  operation "Wrath of  God". Which was  a covert operation directed  by  Mossad to assassinate individuals involved  in the 1972 Munich massacre, in which 11 members of Israeli  Olympic team were  killed by Palestinian armed militant group 'Black September'. This operation takes 20 years and latter filmed  in Munich movie - 2005..
Now question are:
1. Can India could carry  such  operations?
2. Can politically  each ruling  party think  upto  the level  of  Nationality beyond 5 years?
3. Can fourth  pillor  of democracy i.e. media work  independently & patiently  upto  long  time  letting down  its useless debates to increase TRPs on such  incidents?
4. Can our Intelligence Agencies like IB, RAW etc. are capable  of working  like Mossad  without falling in corruption?
5. Can  our people  letdown  the  corruption & be truthful for  motherland in every aspect?
Please  take time to rethink about  all these questions & ask  them to yourself , government & intelligence agencies before  saying  anything to anyone regarding  terror attacks...

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