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Saturday, February 23, 2019

CAPF Forces Lost Battle with Own Nation

You read  the  title correctly  as  the  CAPF(Central Armed Police Forces) personnel who protect India  from  inner as  well as outer conflicts  & foces  which  never face  defeat in  all these conflicts with enemy but  they lost their battle with own nation.

While  writing on   terror  attacks  or  showing debates on TV no  news  channel ever  tried  to  figure out the conditions  of  CAPF personnels; as everytime  fever of  Nationality  arosed when their was an attack  on  CAPF  Forces.
          But  I want to bring out the attention of all peoples toward increasing suicides among CAPF personnels.
         Nearly  700 personnel of CAPF  committed  suicide in last six years,  more  than  those killed in action .  The  reports  further  estimates that the  rate of voluntary  retirement  is approximately  9000 personnel  per year  from CAPF.
          According to Home  Ministry 189 CRPF(Central Reserve Police Force)  personnel committed suicide since 2012 while 175 were killed in action in the same period.
In BSF(Border Security Force) there were 529 suicides since 2001 while the force lost 491 personnel in action.
The ministry also said that 62 ITBP(Indo Tibetan Border Police) personnel committed suicide since 2006 while just 16 were killed in action during the same period.
The number of suicides among in the SSB (Sashatra Seema Bal) since 2013 is 32 with the number of those killed in action is 4.
     The the reason behind the suicides according to reports are :

1. Lack of stability, loneliness and domestic strife. CAPF personnels stay away from their home from 10 to 11 months which obviously leads to martial discord.

2. The CAPF forces are heavily overloaded with the work and personnel don't get leave. They all time moves from Assam to Kerala and Kerala to Kashmir. Thus  they don't have stability in their life.

3. Some reports also show poor quality of food being served to Jawans as a result their health and moral becomes down which leads to depression and suicides.

4. The most deplorable thing is except Indian Army no other security force personnel get pension benefits who joined CAPF forces after 1st Jan, 2004.
  MLA's and MP's  are benefited with pension for whole life after winning the elections once, but a  CAPF Soldier who served or lost his life for the sake of nation is not benefited with old pension scheme.
The the ruling government never think about soldiers and their families. They only think of their terms of 5 years and ways to earn money in all these years.
 If an MLA or MP is eligible to get pension in Lac for serving or exploiting democracy for their selfishness  for 5 years then why should not a CAPF personnel and Government employee get benefits of old pension plan  as  they  serve 15 to 30 years in tough conditions..
Due to above reasons our CAPF personnel lost their battle with Nation as their lives is nothing more than a duty for policy makers  of  the  nation.
    "I think India is still fighting a battle for independence from their own corrupted peoples".

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