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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Media :A Threat To Democracy

The four pillars of democracy are Judiciary, Executive, Legislature and Media. This fourth pillar of democracy ensure that all people living in far off areas of country are aware of what is happening in the rest of their country. Media ensures transparency in the working of all the other three pillars of democracy..

If any of these four pillars is not working properly then democracy is not fully functional.
The power of each of these pillars vary from country to country. In India no single pillar is made too strong. In USA  constitution and Judiciary is most powerful where as in UK legislature dominates judiciary..
Among these pillars media is most powerful and influencing pillar of democracy. It makes us aware of various social,  political and economical activities around us. But over the years media display certain defects. I may only mention a few defects regarding media especially in Indian context:

1. Twisting  of News :

                  One of the defect is that media often twist facts. The news channels are trying to make a sensational news by twisting each word and line of fact due to which the credibility and reality of fact is demised and wrong message floats among the viewers.

2. Paid News: 

                 It is worst defect which is spreading like a weed among news channels as well as news editors. In recent times because of money making approach the media adopted a biased approach towards politicians and the corporate leaders. 

Paid news are becoming trend for news channels and newspapers. They broadcast or publish the news that benefits certain class of people, may be politician or businessman. They are deceiving their viewers and weakening the democracy by misrepresentation of the truth.

3. Non-issues as real issues:

                         If you watch news channels these days you can easily find that media is portraying non issues as real issues while real issues are sidelined. Such as that the wife of film actor has become pregnant then there is debate on news channels whether she will give birth to a girl or a boy......... what is his/her name etc......... Are these the real issues facing by our nation? 
   To cover a Lakme India Fashion Week event there were present 500 to 600 accredited journalist but in Indian villages people don't have basic facilities, farmers are killing themselves but media has nothing to do with them and their issues. Sometimes media mention farmers suicides but bulk of coverage goes to showing the life of film stars, pop musics, fashion, cricket and astrology.

3. Tendency to Brand: 

                         This is another defect in news channels if there is a bomb blast within a few hours TV channel started showing news items that said Indian Mujahideen or Jaish-e-Mohammed had sent a text to claiming responsibility of blast. News Channels show this news in such a manner that all Muslims are terrorist - which is totally wrong. The person who sent such messages want to create hatred between Hindu and Muslim and media fulfill the purpose of such anti-national elements in order to increase their TRPs. 
               These are a few defects in media and in recent years I found and feel that whoever control the media control the mind  of nation..

As involvement of media is clearly seen in  the Delhi legislative elections in 2013 and 2015 also in 16th Lok Sabha election held in 2014 in India. It was also said that 2016 United States Presidential elections are also molded by media..
                  So be careful while watching or reading a news as it may be paid or branded to divert your thinking or opinions toward a particular direction. So always be a media literate person and help to fulfill the motive of  true independence & democracy for which countless braveheart's had sacrifice their lives.

"Never be a fan always be an independent & intellectual human".

Saturday, February 23, 2019

CAPF Forces Lost Battle with Own Nation

You read  the  title correctly  as  the  CAPF(Central Armed Police Forces) personnel who protect India  from  inner as  well as outer conflicts  & foces  which  never face  defeat in  all these conflicts with enemy but  they lost their battle with own nation.

While  writing on   terror  attacks  or  showing debates on TV no  news  channel ever  tried  to  figure out the conditions  of  CAPF personnels; as everytime  fever of  Nationality  arosed when their was an attack  on  CAPF  Forces.
          But  I want to bring out the attention of all peoples toward increasing suicides among CAPF personnels.
         Nearly  700 personnel of CAPF  committed  suicide in last six years,  more  than  those killed in action .  The  reports  further  estimates that the  rate of voluntary  retirement  is approximately  9000 personnel  per year  from CAPF.
          According to Home  Ministry 189 CRPF(Central Reserve Police Force)  personnel committed suicide since 2012 while 175 were killed in action in the same period.
In BSF(Border Security Force) there were 529 suicides since 2001 while the force lost 491 personnel in action.
The ministry also said that 62 ITBP(Indo Tibetan Border Police) personnel committed suicide since 2006 while just 16 were killed in action during the same period.
The number of suicides among in the SSB (Sashatra Seema Bal) since 2013 is 32 with the number of those killed in action is 4.
     The the reason behind the suicides according to reports are :

1. Lack of stability, loneliness and domestic strife. CAPF personnels stay away from their home from 10 to 11 months which obviously leads to martial discord.

2. The CAPF forces are heavily overloaded with the work and personnel don't get leave. They all time moves from Assam to Kerala and Kerala to Kashmir. Thus  they don't have stability in their life.

3. Some reports also show poor quality of food being served to Jawans as a result their health and moral becomes down which leads to depression and suicides.

4. The most deplorable thing is except Indian Army no other security force personnel get pension benefits who joined CAPF forces after 1st Jan, 2004.
  MLA's and MP's  are benefited with pension for whole life after winning the elections once, but a  CAPF Soldier who served or lost his life for the sake of nation is not benefited with old pension scheme.
The the ruling government never think about soldiers and their families. They only think of their terms of 5 years and ways to earn money in all these years.
 If an MLA or MP is eligible to get pension in Lac for serving or exploiting democracy for their selfishness  for 5 years then why should not a CAPF personnel and Government employee get benefits of old pension plan  as  they  serve 15 to 30 years in tough conditions..
Due to above reasons our CAPF personnel lost their battle with Nation as their lives is nothing more than a duty for policy makers  of  the  nation.
    "I think India is still fighting a battle for independence from their own corrupted peoples".

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Indian Unity and Terrorism

During  any  war  or internal crisis  in the country every  soldier  hug  the death  for  the sake of its love for motherland.  In fulfilling  the  same  rituals  for  country  till  the last  breath  Indian  Central Armed   Police Force & Indian Army  soliders have  only  following  lines in their  heart:
In recent terror attack at Pulwama district of J&K India, 46 soldiers of  CRPF  were  martyred. The whole  nation is  in deep sorrow & people expressing their emotions  by  various means. But  at  the same  time there  are  some anti-national elements which  are  trying to use this critical  situation to  destroy  the internal  harmony  of  country. These  are harassing  a  community of  particular  religion & protesting against the  Kashmiri  peoples.  But  I  want  to state it  clear that  Jammu  & Kashmir is  the  integral  part of  India & its people  are  also  Indian. So I appeal  to all the Indians  be  unite together as terrorism has  neither religion  nor  face. We  should   always  remember  that  "Unite we stand,  divide we fall".
The terrorist groups  want  to breach the  communal  harmony like  English people had  done  before, so why we  are  making  same mistakes.  We  are  indian  rich in  our  culture and  diversity.. that's why  India is well known for  "Unity in diversity"...

So its our  responsibility to be as an Indian, don't  break the unity  & be  united  together so  that  we  all  can  contribute with our  soliders a step against  the terrorism  & to tramp the  motive of terrorist.
There are  many anti-social & anti-national elements which are  forwarding  messages  like, " India mange  Badla"; "Surgical  strike -II" ; "Nuclear War" ; "Pani rok do Indus  ka" etc....
     Yes they are right that  India & Indian people want a hard reply against the terrorism  & toward those  who  support it, but not  on the sake of lives  of our soliders.  Please  understand armed forces  are  not machine to use  them for  the  sake of  emotions. These soldiers  are  also human beings and they  have  their  families behind  them. Its  easy  to  react   with emotions but  hard to  face  the  dead  bodies  of  martyred soldiers  for  their  families which  fully depends  upon  those  who  will now  never  come back.
Now the point  is how to fight  against  this type of gorilla war ..........
                                            Answer is, we have  to learn from "Mossad". It is  the national intelligence agency of Israel.

It is responsible for intelligence collections,  covert operations & counter  terrorism. Its  activities are  subject  to secret procedures  & never been published.
                                            One of them was  operation "Wrath of  God". Which was  a covert operation directed  by  Mossad to assassinate individuals involved  in the 1972 Munich massacre, in which 11 members of Israeli  Olympic team were  killed by Palestinian armed militant group 'Black September'. This operation takes 20 years and latter filmed  in Munich movie - 2005..
Now question are:
1. Can India could carry  such  operations?
2. Can politically  each ruling  party think  upto  the level  of  Nationality beyond 5 years?
3. Can fourth  pillor  of democracy i.e. media work  independently & patiently  upto  long  time  letting down  its useless debates to increase TRPs on such  incidents?
4. Can our Intelligence Agencies like IB, RAW etc. are capable  of working  like Mossad  without falling in corruption?
5. Can  our people  letdown  the  corruption & be truthful for  motherland in every aspect?
Please  take time to rethink about  all these questions & ask  them to yourself , government & intelligence agencies before  saying  anything to anyone regarding  terror attacks...

Pulwama Terror Attack

On 14 February, 2019 a convoy  of vehicles carrying security personnel of CRPF  on the Jammu- Srinagar National  Highway was  attacked  by a  vehicle  bound suicide bomber in Lethpora,  Pulwama district of  Jammu & Kashmir, India.

At  least 46 CRPF personnel were  killed  and  many others were  injured in one  of  the  deadliest  terror attack  when a  Jaish suicide bomber rammed  a vehicle  carring over  60-100 kg  RDX(research & development explosive) into  their bus  in  Pulwama.
The  Pakistan  based Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) terror group has  claimed  responsibility for  the attack  & suicide bomber was  identified as Adil Ahmed who joined the JeM in 2018.

This was  the first suicide carbomb attack in   Kashmir since  the  2001 strike  on  Legislative Assembly in which 41 people  including three  suicide   attackers  were  killed.
            In recent  years  India  is  wounded  by  such  cowardly  terror  attacks  like:

1.Pathankot Air Base Attack:
                                                    On 2nd January,2016 their  is terror attack on  Pathankot Air Base of  Indian Air Force in which 7 soldiers  were killed  when 6 terrorist  attack  the Air base. The responsibility of  attack was claimed by  newly formed terror group United  Jihad Council.

2.Uri  Terror Attack: 
                                     On 18 September,2016 near  the  town  of Uri  in Indian territory of J&K  4 terrorist  of  militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM)   attacked  Indian Army Headquarters  near  Uri  in which  19 soliders were killed and 20 to 30 were  injured.

These  are brutal  attacks which Indian security forces faced in recent years. Now  its time  to think beyond the politics and  for  the  sake of our Braveheart soliders that where are our Intelligence Agencies in  whole  scenarios..
Its  true  that Pakistan  is supporting  these terror groups but we  have to  make  our internal  security  impregnable so that no  external  forces  can attack on  our  soil.
For  this we   have to restructure our  Intelligence Agencies & modify  the weapons  of  paramilitary forces upto latest technologies. As it is  well known proverb that,  "Before  attack your  defence  should  be perfect".